Game =

  • A tweet with the hashtag #rtbgameon.  By clicking on it you will be able to see the games played.
  • Each tweet will also include the hashtag #rtbgameon_SXXGXX. XX represents the season and game number. For example, rtbgameon_S01G01 represents Game 1 of Season 1. 
  • They will be no specific time when a game will be played.
  • They will be no specific amount of games per day.

Season = 40 games.


For each game, you can win free nude pics and also earn points when you retweet. MUST BE FOLLOWING on Twitter to participate.

For each game you retweet:

  • 1st get 2 nude pics + 12 points
  • 2nd get 1 nude pic + 6 points
  • 3rd get 1 nude pic + 3 points
  • 4th to 10 get 1 nude pic (1 point)
  • 11+ MAY get 1 nude pic  (no points)

For each season, if you are the 1st for the total points at the end of that season you will get:

  • 5 nude pics of your choice from previous or upcoming games
  • I will follow your page
  • I will invite my followers to follow your page



  • Check out the leaderboard for all the results and scores.
  • After each game, I will post a reply to the tweet with the link to see the result with the points of the first 10 who have retweeted.


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