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LIFE is a journey of discovering that It’s unfolding is a performance for you, not an onslaught of meaningless mishaps. Every twist and turn is a moment for learning, awakening, and discovering that YOU ALREADY ARE. 👁 Something we ask everyone who comes on @themajichour podcast is: “IF YOU COULD WHISPER ONE PHRASE TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET, WHAT WOULD IT BE?”. I think right now my answer would be a shortened version of what I wrote above: Life is happening for you, not to you. It’s lessons are the way we rediscover that WE ALREADY ARE. 👁 What one phrase would you wanna pass on to your fellow earthlings? . ✍🏼I wrote these on a train from Taormina to Palermo on 6/26/19. 📸 @shove_vone 💯 #KeepItREALISH edits: brightened face, darkened backgrounds

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Out amongst the London icons, pondering how much there is to be grateful for. 👁 I don’t remember ever thinking about becoming a model as a young child(I wanted to be an 👩🏽‍🎨), nor do I remember ever hoping to travel far and wide as part of my future career, however, if I really dig into what most likely directed me to step into this job, I’d credit it to moments in my childhood where I felt the most unwanted, ugly, stuck, and dependent on others. Those dark places likely positioned me to be eager for acceptance from others, especially for my looks and ethnicity since I was insecure about both growing up, (which felt like it was being reversed through me becoming a successful model, and owning many clothes/things). Then, as this modeling career began to unfold, it opened up the potential for traveling abroad(alone), which would require me to be very independent, and helped calm the fear of becoming “stuck” and codependent on those around me like I’d witnessed in one of my parents while growing up. . It’s fascinating to realize all we ever do can be broken down into simple core motivators like these. And how recognizing and understanding these will open up an entirely new way to see the world; It’s incredibly liberating. . If you’re interested in figuring out the root of anything you do, it’s as simple as asking yourself “why?”, and continue asking “why?” until you get to the very core of it. Hint: you’ll know you’ve uncovered a core motivator when you reach the memory from the first time you ever remember feeling the feeling that whatever you’re questioning stirs up(or what the antithesis of whatever you’re questioning stirs up). These core motivators usually stem from a memory made in childhood, so dig deep. And ALWAYS employ a professional if you feel like it’s too heavy for you to pull up those old memories on your own. There’s nothing braver than asking for help. . Love you fam. Be a Light. ❤️🖖🏼 . 📸 @lucasnoonan 💯 #KeepItREALISH edits: Honestly, I pulled out the whole kitchen sink on editing this background cuz it was originally taken on a very foggy/gloomy day when Big Ben was under refurbishing. Check out the second slide for the original. ↔️🙀

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