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Pictures of MMA Ring Girl Tana Ashlee

Beautiful Pictures of MMA Ring Girl Tana Ashlee.

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So last night, I got a comment that really hurt… 🤦🏻‍♀️ . Most of them don’t phase me but this one really hit home. “She’s just a butt model, why listen to her? She preaches positivity but her pictures make people feel like shit about themselves.” 😞 . First off, I’m not a butt model but if anyone knows of some butt gigs, lmk. 🤣 . Second, I only post to inspire people to get moving on their goals. My path to this happy, healthy fitness chick hasn’t been smooth. I’ve had ups and downs just like you. I hold water and look like a beach whale sometimes. I have my off days where I’m not motivated. But I let those things fuel me… . And that is where mindset comes in. You have to have the mindset to keep pushing forward. Focus on the big goal and celebrate yourself for the small wins on your journey. That is what I’m all about and if you ask anyone who has worked with me, they will tell you the same thing. I want you to have long term success on your journey not just some quick win and then hear you fell off again. . And it’s mindset that will keep you there for good. That is what has got me here and kept me here. 💕 . #positive #happy #love #fitness #health

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Just a progress picture. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have a question… 🧐 Do you think in order to have abs, you have to give up your favorite foods? Drinks? And overall life? . I use to think that way. Back when I was on the constant yo-yo dieting train. I was scared to enjoy a life, food, drinks… . I missed out on a lot of fun stuff because I was so focused on trying to stay on track and that always back fired. After struggling with that for 6 years, I realized I didn’t want to live like that anymore so I finally went back to a balanced life. I enjoy life. I enjoy food. I enjoy drinking. Guilt- Free and these are the results… . Want to learn how I did it? Check out my free webinar. Link is in my bio. ❤️. #weightlossjourney #fitness #health #happy #balance

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