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Pictures of MMA Ring Girl Anais Zanotti

The Hottest Pictures of MMA Ring Girl Anais Zanotti.

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I have done that for a long time! Here are a few fun facts about me🤗 . As so many of you think I am a giant because of my photos and no, I am not a 6 foot tall model, I am only 5’7”. . I was born in France 🇫🇷 my Dad is Italian. Moved to the US 12 years ago. . I have been training since the age of 15 years old. . I turned 37 years old in January which makes me a Capricorn and also a dinosaur 🦖😂 #kidding . I have been married for 10 years, my Hubby is the behind the scene guy and an Instagram Husband. He shoots 90% of my content, videos and photos. But does not wish to be on Social Media. He probably has enough with mine. 🤭 . I have been Vegan 🌱 for more than a year, made that choice for the animals, health and environment. . My goal each time I post is to inspire more people to live a healthy lifestyle and make the gym part of their lives. . Photo @1lawrencee

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Let’s talk about motivation today fam‼️ I hear it everyday from clients or friends. . “How to get motivated” “I just need to get motivated” . If you wait for it, maybe you will not. Motivation is a feeling, it comes and goes. . You need to train yourself to plan your schedule better. Add a small 30min of workout 5 days per week, it can be at home or the gym. . Just do it and make it part of your lifestyle like you have to eat everyday right? You can’t forget to sit down and eat? . Then adding a 30min training each day should be part of your lifestyle, no questions. . So many times I work with clients, I asked them to send me their schedule and 99% of the time I find a way to squeeze in a workout for them. . How? ▫️Wake up earlier ▫️ A break during lunch time ▫️Drop the useless TV show . You will feel so much better after and have more energy and be proud of yourself after you have committed and made your training. . So don’t wait for it! #noexcuses ‼️ #justdoit ‼️ . . Photo @pedrorollejr Shirt @monarchyxapparel

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