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Pictures of Bellator Ring Girl Mercedes Terrell

The Hottest Pictures of MMA Ring Girl Mercedes Terrell.

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If u stopped and looked at this photo it’s likely because u are a walking bag of chemicals trying to sort through the visual stimulation called IG and there’s a chance this photo stirred your limbic system into action and gave you a good lil hit of one of ur fav sex hormones… AND THAT’S OK! Actually it’s more than ok, it’s a sign that you are functioning properly! How great is that? . BTW, have you ever taken a moment to thank your body and brain for working so seamlessly in sync? If not, then maybe it’s about time. It’s simple, just say: thank you body for serving me so well, you are even better then I deserve, and I’ll do my best to treat you with as much love and respect as possible. And then just give your body a moment to just sit with your appreciation for it. . Feels good, doesn’t it? It’s the least you can do really, after all, your body is critical in providing you with so much bliss. Think of all things you get to experience because you have a body: the smell of a flower, the warmth of a bath, the adrenaline of a motorcycle ride, the embrace of a loved one, an orgasm, need I say more? 🌸 🛀 🏍 🤗 💕💥 WHAT’S ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE EXPERIENCES HAVING A BODY HAS ALLOWED YOU TO HAVE? . 💯 #KeepItREALish edits: removed a bruise on my hip, smoothed neck lines, increased vibrancy, brightened foreground.

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What is a Goddess?: “A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept, and love herself on all levels, Mind, Body, and Spirit. A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and Self-awareness, experiences a life filled with peace, love, joy, passion, and fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A woman who is inspired to give to those around her because of her sense of gratitude and abundance.” . I read this definition the other day and it rang true, mostly because it uses phrases like: “she is in the process of”, “she focuses on”, and “she is inspired to”… This resonated with me because of its fluidity. Especially, when we’re considering the definition of a word like “goddess”(the feminine of “god”), instead of giving a rigid definition, this female word holds direction and purpose, yet still allows for openness and flow where it might expand and receive more than it’s able to define. So my point being here, that as we move toward a more female future(with feminine/masculine BALANCE being the ultimate goal), let’s remember to ALL embody openness, receptiveness, and fluidity, and continue to grow this evolving idea of the goddess into all of her infinite abundance. ☯️ . 📸 @lucasnoonan 💯 #KeepItREALish edits: increased shadows & highlights.

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