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3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten – Pt6

Number 1. Humberto Gonzalez vs Michael Carbajal – In the early 90’s, there were two strongest figures in flyweight division. IBF Champion – Michael Carbachal and WBC champion Umberto Gonzalez defeated all top fighters of this category. There was only one logical outcome – to organize the battle between these two. Despite the small weight of the fighters, this event was strongly anticipated all over the world. Who would have thought that the battle of two small fighters would later be recognized as the “best fight of 1993” according to Ring magazine. Let’s go back to that era and remember what it was like.

Number 2. Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston – Those who consider Mike Tyson the most terrible fighter in history, just weren’t around in the time of Sunny Liston. When Sunny knocked the crap out of Floyd Patterson and did it twice in the first round, many really started to believe in his invincibility. The young Cassius was perhaps the only person who was eager to fight Liston. Putting himself in the position of “All or Nothing”, Cassius Clay was forced to win. And he did it in the best fight of the decade.

Number 3. Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler – April 6th, 1987 the two very promising fighters met inside the ring. This was the 12th defense for Hegler, Ray Leonard wasn’t seen inside the ring for three years and took only one fight in the last 5 years. All tickets were sold out in 16 days. Of the 21 boxing reviewers, 18 said that victory would be for Hegler and only three supported Leonard.

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