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Lennox Lewis – Farewell Fight

To continue the subject of the farewell battles of the prominent athletes, I want to tell you about another well-known super heavyweight of the 90s and early 2000s. It is possible that in the coming years there will be a super fight between the current leaders in the most elite weight class and we will see a new absolute champion. The last person who managed to unite the main champion belts in superheavyweight was a huge British boxer, technically brilliant and deadly – Lennox Lewis. He had a great career, he has lost only twice, but won in a rematch both times. Lewis achieved everything what he wanted and, unlike many boxers, he didn’t stay for too long in professional boxing, he left the ring when he realized that the time come and many young athletes entered the sport thirsty for victories. At the age of 37, Lennox announced his retirement, let me once again remind you how it was.

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